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Every company is interested in cleanness and esthetic image of its premises. We apply various methods to protect you from the dust in the air and on the ground. As you know 80% of dust and dirt is brought with shoes from outside and is spread through all the premises.


A mat is made of rubber base and moisture absorbing material, therefore it perfectly bears against the floor. Material part of the mat is distinguished by antistatic properties, so perfectly retains the dust and removes electrostatic charge.


Our work is to detain the dust and dirt in one place – namely in the moisture absorbing mat.





Mat color - grey.                                                       Mat color - brown.

Sizes: 85x150 cm; 115x200 cm.                          Sizes: 85x150 cm; 115x200 cm.


Our employees will assist You in choosing the color and size of the mat as well as schedule frequency of mat replacement.

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